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While Loop Drop-Down Form Field

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Hello everyone.There is a small problem with a drop-down form field I am trying to get work. I've this peace of code:

		<select name="pot">			<option value="0" selected="selected">1</option>				<?php for($p=0.12; $p<=5; $p++){ ?>					<option value="<?php echo $p ?>"></option>					<?php }  ?>		</select>

and what I get is this:

		<select name="pot">			<option value="0" selected="selected">1</option>									<option value="0.12"></option>										<option value="1.12"></option>										<option value="2.12"></option>										<option value="3.12"></option>										<option value="4.12"></option>							</select>

but it should be like this:

		<select name="pot">			<option value="0" selected="selected">1</option>									<option value="0.12">2</option>										<option value="0.24">3</option>										<option value="0.36">4</option>										<option value="0.48">5</option>										<option value="0.60">6</option>							</select>

please notice, first option is selected and it's value is 0.

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i cant see any differences in first option, what i can see is the differences in rest of option tag values. is that the problem?<option value="0.24">3</option>

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Guest So Called
				<select name="pot">						<option value="0" selected="selected">1</option>								<?php for($p=1; $p<=5; $p++){ ?>										<option value="<?php echo $p*0.12; ?>"></option>										<?php }  ?>				</select>

You got your if statement improperly written.

Edited by So Called
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Thank you So Called and birbal, The suggestion of So Called was good! that was the hint I was looking for. It worked perfect and I've added the missing peace.I needed the first option to be 0 in the value and start from the second value with 0.12

<select name="pot"><option value="0" selected="selected">1</option><?php for($p=1; $p<=4; $p++){ ?><option value="<?php echo $p*0.12 ?>"><?php echo $p+1 ?></option><?php }  ?></select>

having done this I get what I wanted!

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