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Help needed with CSS - problems resizing browser


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I need help with my CSS. The problem: When I resize the browser window in width, at some point the site is not being centered anymore, the lower part is moving to the left side of the browser windowSee attachment [28-6-2012 16-07-54.jpg] I tried several things with Firebug (see attachment [28-6-2012 16-15-23.jpg]) but since my CSS knowledge is so good, I cannot get it to work.From the marked div down to the rest of the page this problem occurs. Site url: www.rumahbapaku.nlCSS also atached




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Wordpress templates are HTML. You can't display a website without HTML. Now, the problem is that the top of the site is 1056px wide, while the rest of the elements are 960px. Because of that, when the window is made smaller than 1056 the header can't move anymore while the rest of the page still has space to move. The solution? Don't let the page itself get smaller than 1056px:

body {    min-width: 1056px;}

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