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Alternative way of aligning?

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vfNCJp.pngI have a form that looks like this. I currently have it set up using two div tags. The left side is one and the right side is another. If I have my cursor in the Email Address input and press TAB, it goes to Password input. I want to set it up where it looks exactly the same, but when I press TAB, it goes to Confirm Email Address input. Basically, I am wondering how I could align my page without using separate tags, so when I press TAB, it goes to the next one.
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If, for example, you start off with a tabindex 5 and go on through 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, then the browser will tab through every other element it finds until the fifth time you press the tab. Then it will go through the form inputs and, after that, it will continue the way it normally would through the elements that haven't been used yet. If you want a different way to set up the form elements, another option is to have six individual <div> elements with a fixed width, float them to the left and use clear: left on every second one.

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