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My CSS looks good in Chrome, FireFox, etc. but not IE, please help!


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Hi All, I'm learning CSS on my own and developing a new version of my site's web page template. I've got the look that I want in Chrome, Firefox and even Netscape, but there is an issue bothering me in Internet Explorer 8.x. To see the issue please open the following link in Chrome or Firefox to see how it should look, then open in IE 8 to see the formatting problem:

I Internet Explorer 8, the header should be an exact 940 px but it appears to display too wide. This causes a noticeable gap between the left column and right column below the header. A second minor issue, is how do I center everything on the screen? Hope someone can point out a solution, thanks! David PS. The CSS is embedded in the HTML, not an external CSS file (this is for development purposes).
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For crappy IE to function as the other BETTER browsers, it requires !DOCTYPE defined to take it out of quirkes (stupid) mode. http://w3schools.com...tml_doctype.asp To centre, wrap all containers in a outer container and give it id reference 'wrapper' set a fixed width for this container, and use margin: 0 auto; to centre it.

#wrapper { width: ###px; margin: 0 auto;}

And does anyone still use Netscape these days, its been dead, buried and badly decomposed by now.

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