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Unable to share a folder in Xampp htdocs

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I'm pretty much stuck here, looked everywhere in the internet didn't find anything at all. I just went manually in my pc on my folders inside the xampp htdocs, and tried to share with everyone, but just got the same windows message " your folder can't be shared!" seems like a nightmare to me, cause my application depends on sharing a folder which contains some documents. What it does( the app) is: moves (copies) documents from a folder outside the localhost (in my desktop) to a folder inside the htdocs inside my project and organizes files based on their category (documents, contracts, invoices etc), then the admin can perform a search based on category and all the files appear listed. When he clicks the files it opens but in read mode only! I already tried "fopen($file, a)" it takes forever and does not open the doc. and now i see that it does not allow to write or modify files. Is there any way to override this rule? Anyone please help! Mike

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If there's a problem there should be an error message. If you're not seeing an error message then add this to the top of your script: ini_set('display_errors', 1);error_reporting(E_ALL); My first guess would be that PHP does not have access to the files you're trying to open, but an error message would verify that.

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