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How to make pop form reappear immediately after closing down browser?

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Hello Friends, My Pop Registration Form works pretty good. However, the problem that I'm having is return of the Form immediately! in case of a new registration or login.How do I get my Pop Registration-Form to re-appear immediately on next visit, or after logging out and shutting down the browser? I have tried everythingincluding changing the cookie/session values and time expire. I am still somewhat new to coding, so please take a look at my code below and if possible giveme a real sample and/or add to or insert it into my code. Thanks! Regards, Dicee Email:Kirkpatrick.rich7@gmmail.com p.s. Please insert real changes to my code: <?php //Ric Kir (script for pop up )//if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']==''){if(!isset($_COOKIE['user_id']) &&($_COOKIE['user_id']<1)){ require('reg_form_detail.php'); }//} ?>

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If you always want it to appear the next time they show up then why have an if statement at all? When should it appear versus not appear? That if statement you have is a problem. You're checking if the cookie is both not set and less than 1. If it's not set then it's not going to have a value to check if it's less than 1.

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