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Hi all,Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but I'm feeling particularly dumb today.Here's the scenario :I have an application that needs to fire off a couple of web pages that contain applets. Ideally we want the browser window to show just the applet - ie no menu, toolbar or status bar. I am doing this by loading an interim web page that does a window.open() with the necessary options. I then issue a window.close() to remove the interim window from display, leaving just the applet window.The loading of the applet window works fine. However, when the window.close() is processed, IE tells me that something is trying to close the window and do I really want it to happen.Is there any way for me to suppress this confirmation? Or, better still, is there any way to create my applet windows in the correct state without having to load an interim page?Thanks in advancepab

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