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How Do I Make MY Require Form Detail Come Back Instantly And Ready For Next User

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if you want it to show it with delay you will need to use JS. php cant control anything clientside, like delaying display. you can set "display:none" to the form style. and in clients side you can set up function which will be run after some time. the function will change the form style to display:block http://w3schools.com/js/js_timing.asp
Thanks birbal!Can you show me an example of implementing JS based on my code provided?By all means change where you see fit, this will be a big help! Heres my code:<?php//Kir Ric (script for pop up )//if(!empty($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']==''){if(@!isset($_COOKIE['user_id']) ||($_COOKIE['user_id']<1)){if(!isset($_COOKIE['user_id']))|| // the var is NOT set// OR; if($_COOKIE['user_id']<1) // the var is less than 1);{ require('reg_form_detail.php'); // here is your "registration" form for new members} else {require('login_form_detail.php'); // here is your "login" form for existing users}}//}?>
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