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Script won't include var


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Hi,I'm stuck here a lil bit. I have this. file1.php

$var = 'something';


class init {	function load_script() {		require_once('file1.php');	}}



So my problem is that $var is null in file3.php After loading file1.php from file2.php variable is visible, but I need it in file3.php Regards

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class init {        static function load_script() {                global $var;//Add other variables you wish to export to the global scope                require_once('file1.php');        }}

But better yet... why don't you ditch global variables in favor of static properties in the class?So that your class is something like:

class init {    static $var;    static function load_script() {        self::$var = 'something';    }}

And in file3.php, you do

include('file2.php');init::load_script();//Later, when you'd previously be using $varecho init::$var;

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