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Ovaire d'Oz

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It is possible, however it may be difficult.

The margin and padding of the list are dependent on the number of list-items that you are using. In this case, we are using 10 items, so you can see that our bottom-margin is -10em, while our top-padding is 10em. You will see more comments within the code for explanation.
ol#reverse {margin-bottom: -10em; /* number of items */padding-top: 10em; /* number of items */}ol#reverse li {position: relative;/* this creates the ability to keep the list items apart more */margin-bottom: -0.2em;/* fixes a bug in Firefox with non-collapsing margins */border-bottom: 1px solid transparent;}/* IE won’t do transparent borders */* html ol#reverse li { border-bottom-color: #FFF; }

That Mozilla/Firefox non-collapsing margin is very confusing to me. If anyone would like to investigate it, I challenge you to do so. And since we are creating a transparent border, we need to degrade that for Internet Explorer by using the * html hack.Specific CSSNow, for each list-item, we need a different top relative position. I wrote a short PHP snippet to automate this action for me, but the math is actually pretty simple.Each item is relatively positioned by the following formula:

-(((item_number – 1) *2) + ((item_number + 3)/10))

From http://paularmstrongdesigns.com/weblog/reverse-ordered-lists
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