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hy to aaaaavery one out there, help!!!! :Shock:I have been learning HTML on this site for over almost three-four weeks I am in HTML basics..at HTML layout,so aaplease can somebody tell me what is this: id=" " attribute it's value it's use in layout and beside that.and these <div> and <span> &<div id="container" (<<<<<<<<what's this) style="width:500px"> (a line from the example given in HTML layout) :fool:

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id is unique attributes to the whole page to identify elements uinqely. there cant be two same id in a page. id is mainly used in when you do javascript oprations on the document or when you use CSS. div is block level element which build the page structure. it defines part of page.span is inline element which define part of text inline. they dont do anything visually but helps to format the page and applying styles on them.

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