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image pop out in same page


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I have been trying to make an image gallery using a table and then thumbnails of the pictures in large size. So I have all that implemented but I only seem to be able to link to another page or the image just on its own on a white background. I want to be able to do what lightbox does but everytime I try to implement it, it goes wrong and now im pulling my hair out over it. Would someone be able to help implement the lightbox code in to my site correctly or is there an HTML5 alternative to using JavaScript which i cannot code for the life of me. also I have noticed that when you minimise the screen the table goes behind the right sidebar and is not fluid like the rest of the content. attached is the file The large image location is "pictures/restoration/large/......jpg" the thumbnail is "pictures/restoration/thumbnails/.........jpg" restoration-gallery.html

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