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hey i got stuck when i was on the roll, i recreated this guys tutorial so it would work for me, since it wasnt working at all and i keep on getting errors on every other line, so i decided to recreate it so it can work well and everything else can perform well. butttttttttttt :glare: when i came to the uploaded pageeee, :rofl: i cant figure out how to get the person album id, to be insert into the image album id, and also how to create the thumb nails, and to place the images into the album i have a drawing of what im trying to do but dont know how to upload it to here. so ill try to explain to my best knowledge ok so i have an album call ( ###### breakers ) and when i clicked on ( ###### breakers ) i have an option to upload images into that folder so when i choose the file and upload it, that file show be placed in ( ###### breakers ) album or folder and the thumb nails should be umm 90x90 which should also be auto created when you upload the photo so say on your ftp/host/directory, you have the folder name (images) and in (images) theres another folder called (thumbs) so at the moment, when i create the album i get a folder in (images) named (1) <-- this depends on the account row in db table, and in thumbs i have a folder name (1) also which is kool so far :Pleased: so now i need to figure out, how to place those photos and thumbs in the correct folders in 1. images and 2. thumbs :glare: and this is where im lost

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