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Fix a Tag Overiding Problem?


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Here's my dilemma:I have an area of my web page that contains 4 nav images. When I give these navs a parent tage, like a <div> or <section> the rollover function disappears. When they are not wrapped in the tags the rollovers are fine, but then they don't get the styling of the parent tag. I would like to keep the styling of the parent tag and still have the rollover function. What can I do? Here is a sampling of the HTML code:<div id="middle"><div id="web-book"><a href="source"></a></div></div> Here is a sampling of the CSS code:#middle {width:960px;height:525px;background-color:#FFF;position:absolute;top:177px;z-index:-10;}#web-book a {display: block;background-image: url(../_images/Work-Portfolio-Web.png);background-repeat:no-repeat;width:248px;height:200px;position:absolute;left:256px;top:48px;}#web-book a:hover {background-position:-249px;}

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