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[Solved] Finding screen/window position of input/textarea Carat


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I have a password entry box and I am trying to display the character that the user has entered. I am aware of the jQuery pluggin dpassword which replicates the iphone input, but I need a little more control. I have the system pretty much working based on another solution. However the one thing I need to know is how to find out the screen Top, Left position of the carat. Any ideas how I can get this. I have seen solutions that give you the character index into the text area, but I need the screen position as I want to display the currently entered character immediately infront of the last character. I am sure there must be some way of finding this out. even if it is just relative to the start of the password entry box (as I am sure I can get that's Top Left co-ordinate. Thanks for the help Wongadob

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