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insert data into tables depending on user input


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  1. i am a complete noob to complicated data handling i can do straight data access and input but here im stumped i am using mysql latest version
  2. i have 4 criteria
  3. Name
  4. Level
  5. Attack Skill
  6. Defense Skill
  7. these are the user input
  8. then i have 5 squads
  9. Praefecti Praetorio (20000)
  10. Praetorian Guards (15000-19999)
  11. alpha (10000-14999)
  12. bravo (7500-9999)
  13. charlie (5000-7499)
  14. probation and training (below 5000)
  15. each squad requires a certain attack skill ...in brackets above...so as the user inputs there data it needs to be put in the right catagory or squad can this be done ......the output will have just the users name under the right squad heading

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What's your question please? EDIT: Don't forget to follow your topic!

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