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Help Convert To JavaScript So I Can make my Pop-Up Form Available Each Time For Registration And/Or Login?

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I just want to make my Pop-Up Form available each time for registration and/or login?Is there anyone out there that can help me with this? Please Advise I would be most thankful!I have tried different variations of this code can't seem to make FORM readily available at each login. DiceeEmail:Kirkpatrick.rich7@gmail.com Here is my code  <?php// Kir Ric (script for pop up )//if($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']==''){if(!isset($_COOKIE['user_id']) &&($_COOKIE['user_id']<1)){require('reg_form_detail.php');}//}?>

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You need to stop asking questions about this, I think this is the only thing you've asked about. If you want to make the form always available then just include it, without any if statement. If that doesn't work for you, then instead of a brief vague description and the same piece of code you keep posting, post all of the code involved in registering and logging in, post a link to an example online, and say specifically what you are trying to accomplish that it's not doing now. Otherwise, if you keep posting the same question then you're going to keep getting the same answer. If you want a different answer you need to ask a different question.

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