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Improving a function with an isset(). Heredoc syntax....

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I have this code from another programmer:

 function getHours($time, $day, $close){  if(!$close){  $hours = <<<htmltext                            <option value="1" {$time[$day]['hours1']} >1</option>                          <option value="2" {$time[$day]['hours2']} >2</option>                          <option value="3" {$time[$day]['hours3']} >3</option>                          <option value="4" {$time[$day]['hours4']} >4</option>                          <option value="5" {$time[$day]['hours5']} >5</option>                          <option value="6" {$time[$day]['hours6']} >6</option>                          <option value="7" {$time[$day]['hours7']} >7</option>                          <option value="8" {$time[$day]['hours8']} >8</option>                          <option value="9" {$time[$day]['hours9']} >9</option>                          <option value="10" {$time[$day]['hours10']} >10</option>                          <option value="11" {$time[$day]['hours11']} ">11</option>                          <option value="12" {$time[$day]['hours12']} ">12</option>htmltext;}

It's good code but I need there to be an isset() happening somehow. I am currently working on the problem but I am not fully sure yet on the significance of the { }'s here and if I can just add an:

{ if(isset($time[$day]['hours1'])) echo $time[$day]['hours1']; }

I'm not sure if that direct change would work but I'm about to find out. I am trying to change the code as little as possible and I would prefer not to change my php.ini settings. I actually like being warned if my variables are not set (call me crazy!). Love this forum by the way! Thanks....

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So as I change the code to this I am left with an array to string conversion? Hmmm... I'm confused here:

<?php function getHours($time, $day, $close){  if(!$close){$hours = <<<htmltext <option value="1" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours1'])) echo $time[$day]['hours1'];} >1</option><option value="2" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours2'])) echo $time[$day]['hours2']; } >2</option><option value="3" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours3'])) echo $time[$day]['hours3']; }>3</option><option value="4" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours4'])) echo $time[$day]['hours4']; } >4</option><option value="5" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours5'])) echo $time[$day]['hours5']; } >5</option><option value="6" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours6'])) echo $time[$day]['hours6']; } >6</option><option value="7" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours7'])) echo $time[$day]['hours7']; } >7</option><option value="8" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours8'])) echo $time[$day]['hours8']; } >8</option><option value="9" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours9'])) echo $time[$day]['hours9']; } >9</option><option value="10" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours10'])) echo $time[$day]['hours10']; } >10</option><option value="11" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours11'])) echo $time[$day]['hours11']; } >11</option><option value="12" { if(isset($time[$day]['hours12'])) echo $time[$day]['hours12']; } >12</option> htmltext;} }?>

Notice: Array to string conversion in C:\xampp\htdocs\dailysportsguide\functions\f_hours.php on line 9

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heredoc works like double quote. as everything inside double quote treated as string you cant use any expression or code block there but it can resolve variable names. {} curly braces is called interpolation when used inside string context with variable. to resolve an array element they have to be inside curly braces.more about them here http://php.net/language.type.string to test it is set it or not you have to do it outside heredoc.

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