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Embeding a media player for streaming audio?

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Hi all,Forgive me if this is the worng place for this.I have a webserver running a stream of audio files in a folder on my server on port 8080I can access the streaming audio using a media player like vlc. The server has http, and php.What I want to do is have a visual player object, where if you visited my site you could listen into my stream by clicking on the embeded media player. I Tried the examples, from http://www.w3schools...html_sounds.aspbut I dont know how to use the code to specify the ip and port where I am streaming from.

<embed height="100" width="100" src="" /><object height="100" width="100" data=""></object>

Things like that, just dont work. What am i doing wrong? How can I embed a way to play the audio I am already streaming on my server?

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For one, your URLs need to start with "http" or another protocol. If a URL doesn't have a protocol it's considered a relative URL. You also need a filename to play instead of just an IP address and port. If you want to use a Flash-based player check here for examples: http://www.webdesignbooth.com/10-easy-to-implement-flash-based-mp3-players-for-your-website/

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