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XML and XSL file have to be in the same directory?

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Hi, Just a quick question. In all the tutorials I've seen about xml/xslt, the xsl file is always saved in the same directory as the xml file. My question is; can I have an xml file that links to an xsl file that is saved somewhere else and have it linked via a url? What I'm specifically trying to do is have an xml file and an xsl file saved in a Dropbox folder and link the xml file to the xsl file with a url. It would look like this; xslt file would be the usual; <?xml version= "1.0"?><xsl:stylesheet version= "1.0"xmlns:xsl= "http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"> And xml file; <?xml version= "1.0"?><?xsl-stylesheet type= "text/xsl" href= "http://dl.dropbox.com/u/name_of_file.xsl"?> I have tried this and it doesn't seem to work but I wasn't sure if that had something to do with it being in a Dropbox folder or if both documents absolutely have to be in saved in the same folder in the same directory. Thanks.

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They don't have to be in the same folder, but they must be in the same domain.This isn't an XSLT restriction - it's a browser restriction, designed to mitigate XSS attacks.

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