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Integrate XML with PHP

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Hello Everyone, How to work on PHP using XML? (please give some example) I think many person work on PHP using XHTML. I rather confuse with XML, because though on google, I didn't found XML example that clear and easy to be learned Please someone tell me Thanks

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xhtml has strict rules as xml as it derived from xml. there is two library mostly used for xml handling with phphttp://php.net/simplexmlhttp://php.net/dom

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I think on simple XML the example is clear for me But can I create link page using XML? for example : usually when we open link 'register' , when we saw it on 'view page source' (on chrome browser) like this :

<a href="www.example.com/register">Register</a>

but can I made it become:

<a href="www.example.com/viewApplication-Register">Register</a>

and the destination of link can give same results. Because I ever saw it on some website that using Intershop Enfinity Suite Sorry if maybe my question rather confuse But I just want to now what can I do with xml Thanks for answer

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