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Mouse over table columns

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So, i have this table of three rows and three columns. I want that when i mouse over a cell, the entire row and column of that cell gets highlighted. And of course, i want a pure CSS solution. For the rows, it is easy because i can just implement the ":hover" selector over the <tr> tag. However, i can't implement over the ":hover" selector onto <colgroup> or <col> tags. That is becauase, all browsers implement such tag with no height nor width. Even if i try to add a width and height, the browser debugger will immediately show that such values will be reset to zero.

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>	<title></title><style type="text/css">  table {   border: 1px solid black;   border-collapse: separate;  }  col:nth-child(2n+1) {   width: 40px;   background-color: violet;  }  col:hover {   /*Doesn't work*/   background-color: aqua;  }  td {   border: 1px solid black;   text-align: center;   width: 20px;   height: 20px;  }  td:hover {   background-color :red;   /*Doesn't work*/   top: 0px;   left: auto;   height: 300%;   /*position: fixed; /*breaks it completely*/  }  tr {   border: 1px solid black;  }  tr:hover {   background-color: yellow;  }</style></head><body><table>  <colgroup>   <col />   <col />   <col />   <col />   <col />   <col />   <col />  </colgroup>  <tr>   <td>1</td>   <td>2</td>   <td>3</td>  </tr>  <tr>   <td>1</td>   <td>2</td>   <td>3</td>  </tr>  <tr>   <td>1</td>   <td>2</td>   <td>3</td>  </tr></table></body></html>

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