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Managing Hierarchical Data in MySQL

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good day everyone! i have a question about Managing Hierarchical Data in MySQL of mike hillyer (http://mikehillyer.c...-data-in-mysql/) i already did what he taught in that website and this is the result of the query but i want to do is to show all categories in one column order by categories.. for example:category 1- category 1.1-- category 1.1.1-- category 1.1.2- category 1.2-- category 1.2.1...category 3category 4and so on thanks in advancemore power

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anyways this is the query i used

 SELECT t1.title AS lev1, t2.title as lev2, t3.title as lev3, t4.title as lev4FROM tbl_news2_cat AS t1LEFT JOIN tbl_news2_cat AS t2 ON t2.parent_category = t1.idLEFT JOIN tbl_news2_cat AS t3 ON t3.parent_category = t2.idLEFT JOIN tbl_news2_cat AS t4 ON t4.parent_category = t3.idWHERE t1.parent_category=0

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Assuming you want to order the categories in a heirarchical order instead of alphabetically, you can't do that with a single query with the adjacency list model. The common way to do that would be to use another language like PHP to implement a recursive function that displays categories and their children.

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