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How to ignore or bypass a Request.Form object at server side ?


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Hi there guys, I have a serious problem, couldnt solve it. My problem; Im posting some Form values which are integer and i catch them with a "For each in Request.form()" at server side.But there is 1 textarea which i dont wanna get in the "For each" loop. ------------------my codes are : (they work without any problems for me) so practicaly i dont wanna get the Request.Form("description") in the loop belove. how can i by pass or ignore it ? Thank you for answers <%......For Each x in Split(Request.Form(),",") GP = Split(x,"&")GA = Ubound(GP)for i = 0 to GA ayir = split(GP(i),"=")YID = ayir(0)adet = ayir(1) set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.RecordSet")rs.open "select * from Tbl" , conn , 1 , 3rs.addnewrs("IEID") = Request.QueryString("EI")rs("YID") = YIDrs("Adet") = adetrs.update nextnext %>

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