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Would you mind being a little more specific? How is the homepage a 'mess'? If I knew the specifics, I would know what to improve on. EDIT: I saw the haphazardly-arranged images just now, and fixed it. That was from a recent change to the CSS. I never said that I was a skilled web designer; this is my first project. Also, the site was originally designed on paper. My clients and I also designed a few mock-ups when we were first getting started on it.

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Well, we'd love to get some pointers from an expert (such as yourself). Thus far, monetizing this site hasn't been the highest on our list of priorities, but it is time to start getting serious about it. Any suggestions?
Do as we did. Invent a way to make people buy. That's the most I can say on this question except to add that it's much easier than you might think if you know and can avoid your preconceptions. Edited by niche
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