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File exists or not using javascript..

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I want to check the file exists or not at the path pointing at file..?? <li><a onclick="db_mcmm('../report_data_fe_nldm_completeness/DB_existence_PVT_report.html');"><h3><u>DB NLDM MCMM</u></h3></a></li> Above is snippet of code from html. The path to file is given as argument to the javascript function defined in header section of html. I want to check to if the "DB_existence_PVT_report.html" file exists or not. Javascript function in header section is as follows : <script ="text/javascript"> function db_mcmm(value) { var mcmm_file=document.getElementById('content'); mcmm_file.innerHTML= "<iframe src=" + value + " width=\"79%\" height=\"600px\"></iframe>"; } </script> Can some1 guide how i can check if file exists or not..?? I tried using ajax but didn't got how to use ajax in this.... any help will be thankful

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Using javascript with server language as with AJAX, you are opening yourself for distructive scenarios, involving hacking and such like, using JS on it own is very limited, and checking if file exists is not avaiable I don't believe, and how to do it in PHP link AGAIN! study google, if problems come back! http://www.w3schools...file_exists.asp

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