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I still can't seem to get this.


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Can anyone help me get this first part of my program to work. My form sends Start, End, and Increment... <?php $Start=$_GET["Start"]; $End=$_GET["End"]; $Increment=$_GET["Increment"]; if ($Increment < 0) { if($Start<=$End) { $inc = $Start; echo "<p> Start: $Start </p> \n"; While ($Start <= $End) { <------------ This loop needs to display inbetween output $Start/$End and increment from start to end. echo "<p>Increment = $inc</p> \n"; $inc = $inc + $Increment; echo "<p> Increment: $inc </p> \n"; } echo "<p> End: $End </p> \n"; }else { echo "<p><b> ERROR# The Starting Integer is greater then the Ending Integer. <b></p>" ; } } else { echo "<p><b> ERROR# Your increment number used is a negative. <b></p>" ; } ?>

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