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parse json with ASP and Javascript

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I need help getting a value from a rather complicated JSON string. I am using eval() in a javascript function called json and then doing the following on a classic ASP page: X = {"status": "ok","error": [],"method": "get_metadata","result": [{"metadata": {"med": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"F206": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"sty": {"action": "search", "": "3", "type": "int"},"F701": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"rtl": {"action": "mixed", "": "41.98", "type": "float"},"hev": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"use": {"action": "search", "": "2", "type": "int"},"rank": {"action": "mixed", "": "0.1428", "type": "float"},"dsc": {"action": "mixed", "": "ICON 4 NAVY", "type": "string"},"avl": {"action": "search", "": "46.05", "type": "float"},"whs": {"action": "mixed", "": "20.99", "type": "float"},"phs": {"action": "mixed", "": "1", "type": "int"},"ufac": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"dt": {"action": "mixed", "": "14701", "type": "int"},"con": {"action": "search", "": "28", "type": "int"},"cabu": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"},"col": {"action": "mixed", "": "300", "type": "int"},"out": {"action": "search", "": "0", "type": "int"}},"filepath": "ICON-4.jpg"}]} dim Meta : set Meta = json(X) 'this is done serverside I am looking to get the value for 'sty' which should be '3'. I can't wrap my head around it in ASP (and yes it has to be done in ASP) thanks

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The value of sty is not 3, it is an object. The object has a property with an empty string for a name that has the value 3. If your ASP code is written in JScript then you should be able to access that property like this: X.sty[''] There's no dot notation to reference a property with an empty string for a name, you have to use array syntax for that. I'm not sure how your json function works to convert that if it's done in VBScript, but you may be able to reference x.sty.[""].

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