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Custom font not loading on one page only

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I have a custom font that I've set in my CSS for various elements of my website, including header, footer and navigation menu. On my home page, the font is not loading and is defaulting to Arial. If you navigate on any other page within my website, the font loads as it should. Only on the homepage am I experiencing this issue, and it's only in Firefox 15 on a Mac. I've provided a screenshot from that browser. I've analyzed the code over and over and can't find any differences between the homepage and the rest of the site. Does anyone have any ideas?


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I'm getting a 404 error for this URL: http://santahustle.c...kins/curse.woffThe main source of the problem, it seems, is the www. on the URL. When you remove the www the font shows up properly. Perhaps you are not allowed to call fonts across subdomains. Wordpress is making requests to http ://santahustle.com while the CSS file is on http ://www.santahustle.com I think if you change the <link> element from




it will work.

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