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they said about capacitors and other electric components quality about Asrock. i belive they are generalizing. it is possible they are recommending gigabytes for that kind of support like "dual bios" as electric failure happens often here. what they were not giving was a proper answer that why gigabyte is considered good and Asrock as crap.
Yes, Gigabyte were the first to introduce "double protected" capacitors (about a year ago if I remember correctly), but newer ASRock (as well as ASUS and pretty much every other brands') models also use similarly improved capacitors, so even if this argument was valid once, it no longer is.But it's important to keep in mind that similarly to the dual BIOS protection, these only help in cases where your area has frequent power surges. A motherboard can withstand a limited amount of such surges, and double protected ones have a higher limit (not double, but higher still... something like 50% if we take Gigabyte's self reported stats). If you live in an area with REALLY frequent surges (like... daily surges), this protection is not going to make any difference, as you'll hit the limit soon anyway (say, instead of hitting it in a week, you hit it in mostly two weeks).Plus, these only protect the motherboard. They don't protect the LAN card, the HDD, or the RAM which often go out first (in this order) due to power surges.(If you can't tell... where I live, we have less-than-semi-frequent, but VERY destructive power surges)
to be honest the last machine i used was far behind the trend and it has only one (may be two) fan in a cheap cabinet, but still did manage to served well around 8 years without any technical services.
Which is exactly why such things can be safely overlooked.
at this point i have no clue about those fans how many i am going to need.
If you live in an area with lots of dust around (from nearby builders, mines and the like), you need as many as the case will allow you, ideally with dust filtering sheets outside the case... and despite all of this, clean your PC every month or so.Otherwise, it's perfectly OK to have no chassis fans at all, and it may even help to keep your case opened, especially if you have an air conditioner in the room... and no pets.
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no not daily. power supply is quite decent here. its happens sometimes. that little risk multiplies cause i dont have power backup. GB iAsRock difference is around 500 INR. yes it have a lot, DUST. that is why i was looking for dust filter added cases.

clean your PC every month or so.
I am real lazy on this :rolleyes: source 210 has all things in cheap price. what it have not is USB3 and nice look. Is it possible to replace USB port to usb3 later?i can ( have forced to) compromise the look add invest the money in other components. I was expecting a good looking case, anyway I will go for an acrylic case some years later. I just love how they looks.
Otherwise, it's perfectly OK to have no chassis fans at all, and it may even help to keep your case opened, especially if you have an air conditioner in the room... and no pets.
I was doing that so when i was facing issues with overheating. but the case soaked too much of dust. here is the final rig. what do you think? i will start buying from day after tomorrow. Spec decided:Pocessor: Intel i5-3550MoBo: GIGABYTE GA-H77-DS3HPSU: Corsair 500 cxv2Monitor: Dell ST2220L 22"Cabinet: Corsair 400 RHDD: WD Blue 72000RPM 3gb/s 500GBRAM: G-skills RipjawsX 1x4GB re
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I am real lazy on this :rolleyes:
Everybody is... but you don't have much choice. It's either that, or investing money for a flawless isolation (and air conditioning) for your apartment.
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Toshiba recently decided to do away with normal hd and stick with ssd in their top teir comps but the problem is its only 128 gb though they say the difference between the two hardisks is like a b/w tv and a colored one. I'd advice you to take intel processor other than amd one.

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