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Getting xml to open youtube page

sue black

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I am trying to get my xml webpage to link to a youtube video.This is a xml webpage template. All of the text is contained in a cgal.xml file which opens with a index.html page. The directory file for the template has a fla. file, a swf. file which open in the index.html page. Since it is a xml template I don't have to go into the original flash to change it in anyway. All of the data is entered into the cgal.xml file which is where I have inserted my link codes. In the first code I tried you cannot see any of the words or text in the index.htm file after I inserted it into the cgal.xml file with the rest of the text. Therefore there is nothing to link to. In the second codes you can read the words "This is my homepage. Check it out" and "Oil Spill Study Video. Check it out." BUT they are not linked to anything. <a href="

>Oil Spill Video</a> <xlink:href="
is my homepage. Check it out. <xlink:href="
xlink:show="new">"Oil Spill Study Video. Check it out.".]]></item> All of these link work on a regular page but once they are put into the cgal.xml page they will not work on the index.htmlj page. I would really appreciate any help and/or suggestions anyone could make. Thank you. Sue
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