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VB.NET SqlDataReader returns wrong values

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Hey there, I've already spent one day on this problem and still don't know what's wrong. I have a stored procedure giving me some project details. I want to save them into a list. So I created a project class.Using the SqlDataReader, I instantiate the project and put them in the list. Everything works fine, except one datafield. The values are always 0. But if I check the SQL, I'm getting the correct values. I really don't know, why this is happening.

Dim cmd As New SqlCommandcmd.CommandText = "sao.GetProjects"cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedurecmd.Connection = New SqlConnection(GetConnectionString)Using cmd.Connection	Using cmd		Dim projects As New List(Of clsProject)		cmd.Connection.Open()		Dim reader As SqlDataReader = cmd.ExecuteReader		While reader.Read			Dim project As New clsProjekt 			'This is the field		    project.employeeNo = reader("employeeNo") 			'Always get Empty			If project.employeeNo = 0 Then				Debug.Print("Empty")			Else				Debug.Print(project.employeeNo)			End If			project.orderNo = reader("OrderNo")			project.description = reader("Description")			project.customer = reader("Customer")			projects.Add(project)		End While	End UsingEnd Using

Thanks for helping

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