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Wouldn't it be GREAT if W3Schools had an online video service offering the best in learning possability? I'm 17, and I just started programming; I noticed that W3Schools dosn't offer much more than the basics! I mean, how can one expect to learn how to make complicated CSS layouts?... Or, better yet, Complicated PHP scripts for Login/Logouts? They simply don't show more than the basics, and people need to know the "tricks" if they would ever hope to make a KILLER website! I talking about video! Videos of the "TRICKS" that people simply cannot learn from syntax or symantics! REAL PEOPLE PROGRAMMING REAL SCRIPTS!!! It would be alot like attending a collage class or something! This way here, our young programmers are fully prepared to pass the tests, and get a cirtificate! Talk about a walk in the park when there ready for collage! There's not much more you can teach them if they already know-it-all, right? So, what do you think?

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