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why i cant see the pic

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look my friend you got to help me im searching the world lolll and no body can i have that link http://rajce.idnes.cz/f31017683 if you put it in explorer youll see it redirect you to the album with pics but it not open the piccause i need the path somthink like this: /export/xml/images?useName=&albumname= but its not correct i dont know what path do i need what can you help me plz if you know? cause i know if i have the right path and few detaild of the pic it will open it (its very important to me)

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there is no way to get a file if you don't know the path. /export/xml/images?useName=&albumname= this link is dynamic link of image. so depending upon the query string it will produce different image. you have to know which image you want to open. also the page you linked is and authenticated page.

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