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hi i write a code thats check if the dropdown menu valuse yes or no if no then no problem if the next field is empty if yes then the next field value must be not empty and the code i wrote doest't work this is my code

are u marrid <%response.write"<select name = s >"%> <%response.write"<option>yes</option>"%> <%response.write"<option>no</option>"%>  <%response.write"</select>"%> ShowFormField("Number of children")the check<%Function ValidateField(sFieldValue, sFieldType) Dim bFieldIsOkay bFieldIsOkay = True Select Case LCase(sFieldType)  Case "s"  If Not IsNumeric(sFieldValue)  Then   Case "مصدر بطاقة المؤن"  If trim(Len(Number of children)) = 0 Then   bFieldIsOkay = False  End If
what should the code will be ???????
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