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Is it possible to pass two different values to a single attribute in xml tag?

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Hi all, This is my first question in W3Schools forum, and my question is I want to know whether it is applicable or possible to pass multiple parameter for a single attribute in xml tag?For example: <book name="Need" name="Help" price="10$"/><book name="Soon" name="Plz" price="20$/>...... Is it applicable? I know it may sound silly :Bucktooth: but if it is not possible then I'll go for any other :umnik2: option that may exist.So plz help me ASAP. Thanks in advance. :good:

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No, it's not possible. But XML's tree structure allows you to represent the same data with child elements:

<book>    <name>Need</name>    <name>Help</name>    <price>10$</price></book>

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