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Array values from different tables in a database


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<?php$host="localhost";$uid="root";$pwd="";$DB="engineering";?><?php$engineering=mysql_connect($host,$uid,$pwd)or die("localhost not connected");mysql_select_db($DB)or die("DB connection lost");?> // database connections <?php$query="select * from resultf where Matric ='$matric'";$result=mysql_query($query);$record=mysql_num_rows($result);$az=mysql_result($result,$i,"GPA"); // collected value and store it in $az function getRepeatCourse2($row) { $repeatCourse = array(); $repeatCourse[]=$az; return implode(", ",$repeatCourse); }?>when i call the function in a class, $az will have no value, pls help me

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