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Is this a type of "if" statement?


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I am going through a book on C# and ASP.Net.I ran across a statement that I don't quite understand.The book does not explain it.From the context I am assuming that it is an "if" statement. Here it is:

shippingRegion = (profile.ShippingRegion == null || profile.ShippingRegion == "" ? "1" : profile.ShippingRegion);

Here is the code around it:

		ProfileCommon profile = HttpContext.Current.Profile as ProfileCommon;		address1 = profile.Address1;		address2 = profile.Address2;		city = profile.City;		region = profile.Region;		postalCode = profile.PostalCode;		country = profile.Country;>		shippingRegion = (profile.ShippingRegion == null || profile.ShippingRegion == "" ? "1" : profile.ShippingRegion);		dayPhone = profile.DayPhone;		evePhone = profile.EvePhone;		mobPhone = profile.MobPhone;		email = Membership.GetUser(profile.UserName).Email;

If I need to add more explanation or code, please let me know. Thanks. K

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Hmm... it actually seems the MSDN page agrees with you Ingolme... I used the other term anyway not only because of PHP, but also because that's the term I used on the MSDN search to find that page.Personally, I'm not sure that "ambiguity in the context of other operators" should ever really an issue in naming an operator. Bitwise operators, if mixed with arithmetic operators can become ambiguous when a programmer tries to interpret them. Arithmetic operators alone can sometimes do that.But that's purely a philosophical issue (with no practical impact), so we can agree to disagree.

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