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XML Form Field Calculation


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Hello everyone, I've an application which uses xml form for data entry. I was wondering if is possible to make calculation (mainly additions and subtraction)?

<?xml version="1.0"?><items><item type="settings"  position="label-top"/> <item type="label" label="Edit report details here." /> <item type="label"  label="Date"/><item type="calendar" dateformat="%d/%m/%Y" validate="notEmpty" required="true" name="date" bind="date" label="Date" offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input" name="admin" bind="admin" label="Admin" offsetLeft="15"/> <item type="label" label="Sales"/> <item type="input"  name="others"  bind="others" label="Others" offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="internet" bind="internet"  label="Internet"  offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="topup" bind="topup"  label="Top Up"  offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="phcard" bind="phcard"  label="Phone Cards" offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="phcalls" bind="phcalls"  label="Phone Calls" offsetLeft="15"/>  <item type="input"  name="bustickets" bind="bustickets"  label="Bus Tickets" offsetLeft="15"/> <item type="input" readonly="true"  name="totalin" bind="totalin"  label="Total In" offsetLeft="15"/> <item type="label"  label="Expenses & Goods"/> <item type="input"  name="expenses"  bind="expenses"  label="Expenses" offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="goods" bind="goods" label="Goods"  offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="goodsdetails"  bind="goodsdetails"  label="Goods Details"  offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input" readonly="true"  name="balance" bind="balance" label="Balance"  offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="till"  bind="till"  label="Till"  offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="cash" bind="cash" label="Cash"  offsetLeft="15"/><item type="input"  name="debits"  bind="debits"  label="Debits"  offsetLeft="15"/> <item type="input" readonly="tru" name="extra_short"  bind="extra_short"  label="Extra/Short"  offsetLeft="15"/>   <item type="button" xcommand="save" value="Submit"  offsetTop="15"/>  <item type="label" label=""  offsetTop="15"/></items>

What do you guys think?

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