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Can't get the site to look right in Google Chrome

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might want to change this (container)

margin-top:0px;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0px;margin-left:0px;[/code to [codemargin-top:0px;margin-right:auto;margin-bottom:0px;margin-left:auto;[/code]

in the header you have padding-top: 85px; you can replace that with line-height instead (up to you tho) well thats all

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Its always good to look for alternatives, so good on DDs1, but I would say stop developing for IE. Develop for Safari, FireFox, Opera or Chrome. Once it looks great on one of those browsers look back and fix the bugs with IE. Doing it the other way will kill your groove because the browsers I listed actually follow the rules. Just a idea.

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