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How do I retrieve inner (child) nodes

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Hi; Given this XML . <SUPAPPRAISER> <INSPECTION> <STATECERT> <NUM>12456789</NUM> </STATECERT> </INSPECTION></SUPAPPRAISER> I want to store the Num node value in an variable. I tried the XML DOM tutorial and example but they aren't exactly working with my code. This is asp.net 4.0 XmlNodeList elem_SupAppraiser = incomingxml_doc.GetElementsByTagName("SUPAPPRAISER");string hold = elem_SupAppraiser.Item(0).Value; if (elem_SupAppraiser != null && elem_SupAppraiser[0] != null){SuprAppra_Cert = elem_SupAppraiser[0].InnerText; What expression am I missing ? Thanks

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can you not just do


otherwise, you would probably have to start at the root and slowly iterate your way down the nodes till you get to NUM

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