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Could I get some help with this page?


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Hey everyone. I'm having a problem getting my html and css to work together and could really use some help. Here's the link:My Webpagehttp://'s the problem. I need the image on the right to expand the "divbody" as I expand the image. In other words I need the image to expand the double border and push the copyright down. I've worked on this for days and nothing I do seems to work. Please let me know if I've not explained this good enough.Thanks in advance for any help you could give me.Here's my CSS:

body {	font-family:Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;	font-size:12px;	color: #662100;}.a:link {	color:#C57104}a:link {	color: #662100;}a:visited {	color: #662100;}a:hover {	color:#FFFF00;}.smalllinks {	font-size:9px;}h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p, td, tr {	color: #662100}#divbody {	width:770px;	height:auto;	background-color:#E4DCC9;	position:relative;	margin:0 auto;	z-index:5;		}#topbar {	width:770px;	height:15px;	text-align:right;	font-size:x-small;	font:bold;	color:#662100;	padding-top:3px;	padding-bottom:3px;}#masthead {	position:relative	width:770px;	height:150px;	background-image:url(../images/masthead.png);	text-align:center;}#navbar {	width:770px;	height:25px;	background-color:#E4DCC9;	text-align:center;	font-size:medium;	color:#662100;	border-bottom-style:solid;	border-bottom-width:2px;	border-bottom-color:#662100;	text-align:left	}#mainpage {	width:770px;	height:auto;	margin:0 auto;	}.floatright {	float:right}#copyright {	position:absolute;	text-align:center;	font-size:smaller;	left: 183px;	top: 694px;}#rightbar {	width:154px;	height:auto;	background-color:#E4DCC9;	float:right;	position:inherit;	top:0px;}.bottomborderorange {	border: thick double #DB8719;}.bodymargin {	margin:10px;}

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