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How to close a parent window


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Hi all!As a part of a chatt page I use JS to open a new window as a result from a form. Like this:

<script>function cForm(form){window.open('','Chatt','height=700,width=750,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,location=no,resizable=yes');form.target='Chatt';}</script>

The script is caled by the form. Like this:

<input name="submitButton" type="submit" value="Enter" onclick="cForm(this.form)">

Now I like to close the old window as the new one pops up. Is this posible? If so, how is it done?/Per

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Add a self.close() after you call the function.<input name="submitButton" type="submit" value="Enter" onclick="cForm(this.form);self.close()">Because you are trying to close the main window you will get an alert which the user must confirm.

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