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Multiple CSS transitions effects.


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Hi there!!I've noticed that when I'm trying to combine two CSS transitions effects, only the first one is executed and the second one is left behind. Can someone here explain me why does this occur and how to work around it?Here's a code snippet that combine two CSS transitions for your investigation:

<html><head><title></title><script type="text/javascript">try{function start(){myDiv = document.getElementById("myDiv");myDiv.onclick = function(){myDiv.style.width = "160px"; myDiv.style.height = "160px";}}//end start().}//end try statement.catch(err){alert("there's an error in this page. \n the error message is:\n" + err.message + "\n the error name is: \n" + err.name + "\n and the error details are:\n" + err.constructor + "\n and the error stack is: \n" + err.stack);}//end catch statement.</script><style type="text/CSS">div#myDiv {background-color:blue; color:yellow; -webkit-transition:height 1s; -webkit-transition:width 1s;}</style></head><body onload="start()"><div id="myDiv">hhhhh</div></body></html>

Thanks in advance!!Atar.

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