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How to display session value


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Hello all I had tried to make so that session display value according on product that choose by user. But it's still fail, this is my code : CODE 1 :

if($product_id && !productExists($product_id)) {  die("Error. Product Doesn't Exist");}switch($action) { //decide what to do   case "add":   $_SESSION['cart'][$product_id]++; //add one to the quantity of the product with id $product_id  break;   case "remove":   //$_SESSION['cart'][$product_id]--; //remove one from the quantity of the product with id $product_id   /*if($_SESSION['cart'][$product_id] == 0)*/ unset($_SESSION['cart'][$product_id]); //if the quantity is zero, remove it completely (using the 'unset' function) - otherwise is will show zero, then -1, -2 etc when the user keeps removing items.  break;   case "empty":   unset($_SESSION['cart']); //unset the whole cart, i.e. empty the cart.  break;   case "change":	$_SESSION['cart'][$product_id]=+$qty;	if(preg_match("/[.]/",$qty)){$_SESSION['cart'][$product_id]=+1;}	if($_SESSION['cart'][$product_id] == 0){unset($_SESSION['cart'][$product_id]);}  break; }

CODE 2 :

foreach($_SESSION['cart'] as $product_id => $quantity) {  	//get the name, description and price from the database - this will depend on your database implementation.	//use sprintf to make sure that $product_id is inserted into the query as a number - to prevent SQL injection	$sql = sprintf("SELECT p_id, p_title, p_price, p_image FROM product WHERE p_id = %d;",		$product_id);		$result = mysql_query($sql);		//Only display the row if there is a product (though there should always be as we have already checked)	if(mysql_num_rows($result) > 0) {  	 list($p_id, $p_title, $p_price, $p_image) = mysql_fetch_row($result);  	 $line_cost = $p_price * $quantity;  //work out the line cost	 $total = $total + $line_cost;   //add to the total cost 	   echo"	<div class=\"b_content\">		 <form method=\"post\" action=\"?p=basket&action=change&id=$product_id\">		  <div class=\"b_img\"><img src=\"product/$p_image\" width=\"105px\" height=\"152px\" border=\"1\"/></div>	   <div class=\"b_detail\">		   <div class=\"b_columnL\">Book Name : </div> <div class=\"b_columnR\"><b>$p_title</b></div>		   <div class=\"b_columnL\">Price Per Book : </div> <div class=\"b_columnR\">$p_price</div>		   <div class=\"b_columnL\">Total Item : </div> <div class=\"b_columnR\"><input type=\"text\" name=\"qty\" style=\"width:20px;text-align:center;border:1px solid #000066;\" maxlength=\"3\" value=\"$quantity\" /></div>		   <div class=\"b_columnL\">Total Price : </div> <div class=\"b_columnR\">USD $line_cost</div>		   <div class=\"b_columnL\"><a href=\"basket.php?action=remove&id=$product_id\">Delete</a></div> <div class=\"b_columnR\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"RECALCULATE\" /></div>				</div>	  </form>	  </div>";	}	}

Information :- Code 1 purposed to tell computer to add or delete or change product.- Code 2 purposed to display product according on data that displayed by code 1. My point : How to display value of $_SESSION['cart'][$product_id] without using foreach php ? Note : I had tried using code like this but it's not successful:

<?echo $_SESION['cart'][$product_id][0];?>

please someone help me Thanks

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what does it show when you tried to print it? error? how is your array is strcuctured? you can use print_R() or var_dump() if you want to see the structure of array. if you need to show all array element regardless of its structure loop is way to go. if you want a specific element you need to know the structure of array

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