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Display content in a <td> or a <div> depending on users location


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Hello,I am pretty new to HTML but I have built a site and I have established a reasonable amount of traffic. I have joined the Amazon affiliate programme and as around 44% of the traffic to my site is from the USA I want to join the US affiliate programme too and so my question is this. To accommodate the Amazon ad I have added a table to the top of my page, which you can see here http://www.igr.me/Ca...%20Ops%202.html and as you can see the ad in the cell on the right has a UK price which is delivered by Amazon as an <iframe>. If I wanted to have a different ad displayed depending on where the visitor is from is it possible to do this using code in just that cell? If this is not possible what if I buy a US domain, upload the site using the US <iframe>s and somehow direct people from the US using a 301 direct for US locations if there is such a thing? OR is there a simple solution I know nothing about and what happens if there are two versions of my site online? The simplest solution would be to display different content in the <td> </td> depending on where a user is located but is that even possible. Sorry to ramble but this doesn't make a lot of sense in my head so getting the information out coherently is not easy!Thank you Matt Also is there a 301 redirect that only redirects if the user is from a specific country and would that mean I could have multiple <iframe>s and depending on where the user is the correct one would be displayed?

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