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Possible float/height problem.


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Offending Page: http://www.strideclu...m/forms/ast.phpComparison: http://www.strideclu.../foundation.php(all code is accessible through view > source. I'll post here if requested though.) When I add a "select" input element to the AST form (ast.php) above, the "share" div gets mis-positioned in Google Chrome, but not Fx. The AST form (ast.php) is an exact duplicate of the Foundation form (foundation.php) with nothing structural changed besides the extra form element. I've validated both pages to XHTML 1 Strict, and they're both valid, as is the CSS they both use. Thoughts? Anything will be appreciated because I'm at a loss... Edit: It appears the problem only shows itself when the page is refreshed. When it's first accessed (both locally and on the internet) everything is as it should. When the page is refreshed, the "share" div is mis-positioned. It's like Chrome is correcting a rendering mistake when the page is refreshed, but Fx knows not to do the same... Edit 2: Fixed. I just swapped positions in the code with my header image and the problematic div. Still dunno what caused the weird browser behavior though...

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