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Can sessions prevent brute-force attack?

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Hello, im wondering can i prevent brute-force attacks from my webpage example creating this. This should work if the user doesn't close and re-open the page after attempts are out, but i have no idea how brute-force does it. Login page

<?php session_start();if(isset($_SESSION['login_attempt']) && $_SESSION['login_attempt']  < 6) {} else {//Form here}?>

Login confirm page

<?phpsession_start();if (isset($_SESSION['Rights']) && $_SESSION['login_attempt'] < 6) {header("Location: index.php");} elseif (isset($_POST['password']) && isset($_POST['username']) && $_SESSION['login_attempt'] < 6) {//LOGIN SCRIPT HERE} elseif ($rows > 0) {  //user has logged in correctly//FEW SESSIONS TO STORE DATA} else { if (!isset($_SESSION['login_attempt'])) {$_SESSION['login_attempt'] = 1;} else {$_SESSION['login_attempt'] = $_SESSION['login_attempt'] + 1;}if ($_SESSION['login_attempt'] < 6) {echo (5 - $_SESSION['login_attempt']) . " attempts left";}}}?>

Read more about brute-force here


Read more about SQL-injections here (This prevention is MUST-have to SQL-based webpage)


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Sessions rely on the user sending a cookie or query string. A brute force attacker could just not send them. I think systems have a field in the database "number of failed login attempts" which resets to 0 upon successful login or after a certain time has passed (perhaps there's also a "last login attempt" field with the timestamp). When that number is above a certain value logins will no longer be accepted until a certain amount of time has passed after the most recent login.

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You could store the IP address of the person that's trying to log in and block it after a certain amount of failed attempts as well. But because the IP could belong to a legitimate user who forgot their password you should make sure to unblock it after a certain amount of time.

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Alright, thanks because the latest way would be best choice for me. Because if i would do the other way anyone could just try connecting with my account and neither i or anyone else could try to login to my account.

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