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embedding a flash file from hosting site

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Hello im using the code below this paragraph to embed an swf file. Thi works fine on my desktop.I have successfully uploaded the files to an ftp host .orgfree.com.I save the files as index.htmland the flash file is called flash.swf. height is 800 pixels and width i 600 pixels I dont know were the files are uploaded to the web . i am out of The instructions mentions this the server path directly below Some scripts require server path. Yours is /home/vhosts/flashgamestest.orgfree.com.Should i be uploading the files to wordpress what vital parts am i missing .________________________________________________________________________________below is saved as index.html______________________________________________________________________________<!DOCTYPE html><html><body> <h1>i work fine on personal computer(lost on the ftp part )</h1><embed src="folder/flash.swf" width="800" height="600" wmode="transparent" /></body></html>

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You need to upload the SWF file to match what you're telling the browser in the code. In that code you're telling the browser that the SWF file is in a folder called "folder" which is in the same folder as the file with that code on it. If that's not the case then it's not going to find the SWF.

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