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Hi @ll,I'm trying to change all comma's in a table with point so I can load the table in excel without any problems.I want to create a short script to replace all comma's to points, but it isn't working.I'm pretty new to scripting and trying to help myself (especially via W3schools) so my question may be a bit "simple/stupid" At first i've tried this code:

var Table = document.getElementById('members');Table.replaceAll(",", ".");

But it doesn't work this way. Probably because the complete table is not a string? Currently I have this code:

var Table = document.getElementById('members');var rowLength = Table.rows.length;for (i = 1; i < rowLength; i++) {var Cells = Table.rows.item(i).cells;var cellLength = Cells.length;for (var j = 0; j < cellLenght; j++) {  var cellVal = Cells.item(j).innerHTML;  cellVal.replaceAll(",", ".");}}

Also this isn't working. I'm getting the error: Cannot convert 'Table' to object at line 2.I'm pretty sure the ID 'members' is the right ID.The table that needs to change is located here. What am I doing wrong?Should the first scipt also work?Thnx in advance!

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"Table" might be a reserved word, at least this forum seems to think it is. The same with "Cells". The first code doesn't work, an HTML element does not have a method called "replaceAll". In fact, nothing in Javascript has a "replaceAll" method. I would use split and join: new_string = old_string.split(",").join("."); The second code would work better, but you're not doing anything with the string after you replace it. You need to write the replaced string back to the cell.

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